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Focus on the holistic quality in our software development

The DIN ISO/IEC 25000 provides a framework which contains the following quality features. The quality features flow into all of our software development projects.


When collecting the requirements (requirements engineering), quality criteria are developed and validated together with the customer. With the milestones at the end of a project phase, the fulfillment of the quality criteria in the quality gate is checked and the criteria for the coming project phases are adjusted. Testing is of central importance in quality efforts. Defects and errors in the development process should be corrected at an early stage through testing. Our employees have the industry-standard training in testing according to ITSQB and the technical skills to define test cases and carry out tests efficiently.

Reliability & Performance

In the course of requirements engineering, the non-functional requirements are collected together with the customer, which are formulated using P-Language. Especially with regard to the availability, performance and recoverability of the software. By using P-Language, requirements become quantifiable and can thus be measured and evaluated.

Information and data security

The customer's specifications, the legal framework (e.g. data protection law) and industry best practices are taken into account in this quality feature. With this feature, we focus on the specific requirements for the software and the risk appetite of the customer.


The customer's system landscape plays a central role in determining the solution architecture. So that the interoperability of the software with other systems can be ensured if required. We have the expertise to develop complex solution architectures. and ensure compatibility and interoperability according to customer requirements.

Maintenance & Further Development

The maintainability and modifiability of the software is ensured by considering the expected lifetime of the software. Maintainability and changeability depend, among other things, on the code quality of the software, which we ensure through regular code reviews. Maintainability is guaranteed by detailed system documentation. With the maintenance process, we define the responsibilities and processes and ensure the redundant availability of the knowledge for the application.


When it comes to usability, we follow industry standards and best practices. Depending on the customer's requirements, we call in usability experts to ensure high usability. When designing usability, we focus heavily on the user groups who will work with the software.

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