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Software development according to SCRUM

In software development with SCRUM, we rely on an agile approach and consistently align our entrepreneurial actions with the values of SCRUM. For example, we promote a positive error culture in our SCRUM teams and communicate transparently with stakeholders about any problems or challenges in the development process.

Our employees enjoy great flexibility in their work and are encouraged to actively assume responsibility. This strengthens the commitment to the project goals and promotes the self-organization of the SCRUM teams. The individual contributions of all team members are valued and individual strengths and weaknesses are respected.

We attach great importance to the fact that the SCRUM roles and responsibilities are defined in the team at the beginning of the project and remain the same over the course of the project if possible. This facilitates communication within the SCRUM team and towards the stakeholders. Communication within the SCRUM team and to the outside is another key success factor.

Our SCRUM teams are embedded in the organization of Ximiq AG and benefit from clear processes and procedures. Software development is supported with high quality development tools.

The use of SCRUM enables us to deliver tangible results in development projects in a short time.

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